1. Colors -We changed how colors are used on each appointment. Making the color a gradient allows the information to be seen easier against any color as it’s mostly over a white background.
  2. Tabs – Adding a tab allows the icons in this area to have as much room possible to show new statuses for each appointment with out taking up additional space.
  3. Icons – These icons each represent important information as follows:
    • Comment Icon when shown this will indicate there is an appointment note attached.
    • Check Icon when Green will indicate that this appointment has been confirmed by sending out any kind of reminder phone, email, text.
    • Heart Icon’s color will represent the appointment type for this service. As an example a green heart may indicate this service is a “Regular Request”. See settings to make any color changes to your appointment types.
    • Star Icon when gray indicates arrival pending, yellow guest has checked in, green the appointment has been checked out.
  4. Hovering – When you hover over the non-tabbed area of the appointment it will show you the time it’s booked for as well as bumping out as a visual. When hovering over the tab will show you more detailed  information about the appointment.
  5. Moving – When moving an appointment by dragging and dropping will still leave a indication of where you are moving the appointment from at the same time as giving you a clear available drop area by showing you a border as you move the appointment into a new area. A popup confirmation will need to be accepted to complete the move.
  6. Booking over an existing appointment can be done by clicking on the lower left corner of an appointment. This will slightly shift so you can click on a space to book a new appointment.