This page will display all gift card orders that have been purchased online from newest to oldest.

Processing an order
If the order shows for status “In Process” then you would start by clicking on the order number. This will show you details of each order as collapsible tabs:

  • Gift Card Details: Amount, gift card, delivery option and if it’s attached to a promo and what location if they selected that method would be selected. All fields can be edited if need be for whatever reason. Once the order has been processed you will not be able to edit this order.
  • Purchaser Details: Will show the delivery information that was provided if the customer had chosen to receive by “send to purchaser” option.
  • Recipient Details: Will show the delivery information that was provided if the customer had chosen to receive by “send to recipient” option.

To complete the order “Under Gift Card Details” you need to provide the gift card number you wish to load for the dollar amount specified and then press the “Process” button to complete. Once complete you will see the sale id which can be clicked on to see the transactional side of the order if you need to do a void, adjustment or link the transaction to another client  it would be done from there.

Delivery OptionThis will indicate how the customer prefers to receive the purchased gift cards. The options are as follows:

  • Email As Voucher: This option will email the required information to the customer all that is needed for you to redeem this is the number that they will show you at checkout. They will also be sent a separate email that will contain the digital gift card.
  • Pick Up: This will indicate that the customer would like to pick up in store as a physical gift card. In the case their are more then one location the customer will select which location they would prefer to pick up from.
  • Send to Purchaser: In this case the customer as selected for the salon/spa to physically send the card to them in the mail. You have the option when setting this up to collect additional processing fees to cover shipping costs.
  • Send to Recipient: The purchaser in this case prefers this gift card to be mail directly to the recipient in most cases this would be a gift to that person so the purchaser has a field to input what message they would like to include with the gift card.

How much needs to be loaded onto the gift card.

This will show you wither it’s ready to be precessed or it’s completed. When a customer select a delivery option of “Email As Voucher” nothing more you need to do from a processing stand point.

Updated By
This field will store who in the Salon has processed the order.